2018 Poster Session

On December 10, 2018, eleven TBSI participants convened to present poster topics on a diversity of topics, such as plug-in electric vehicle charging, intelligent emotion detection, human pulse diagnosis, and more. Their work, which revealed many practical applications, was the culmination of collaboration among Berkeley professors, Tsinghua University-Shenzhen professors, and themselves.

Co-Director Connie Chang-Hasnain greeted judges and participants in the TBSI office. Afterward, judges listened as each participant provided a 2-minute presentation on their research topic, followed by a poster viewing session where each participant had the opportunity to further elaborate on their findings to judges.

TBSI staff, participants, and judges then enjoyed dinner together at Agrodolce Osteria, where awards were presented. Weixi (Gavin) Gu received first place, Jun Zhang received second place, and Yuxing Li received third place.

All in all, participants enjoyed sharing their hard work and learning about their co-participants’ special topics.