Visiting Student Researchers (VSR)

Visiting Student Researchers*

Visiting student researchers (VSR) are applicants who are currently enrolled in a degree program and are working to obtain a degree. Generally, visiting student researchers must hold a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent. Visiting student researcher positions are not compensated. All visiting student researcher appointments are temporary and typically last between one month to one year. Although the maximum amount of time allowed as a scholar is two years, some scholars may be appointed for subsequent years with an exceptional approval request from the faculty sponsor/PI or department chair. 

Appointment Procedure

TBSI-Shenzhen students who are interested in coming to UC Berkeley for research exchange must complete the Visiting Student Researcher Application Form.

The first step is to seek out a TBSI faculty at UC Berkeley you are interested in working with and see if he or she would be interested in collaborating with you on your research project. Once a host faculty member has been confirmed, your host faculty will need to provide a letter of support for your proposed research stay, which must state the appointment duration, scholar status and their expectations for your visit. Your application must be supported by the following documents: 

  • CV / resume
  • Proof of financial support for the duration of your stay
  • Proof of enrollment in a TBSI Ph.D. program
  • Invitation Letter from host UC Berkeley faculty 
  • Copy of biographical page in passport 
  • Proof of English language proficiency that can be provided by the following:  A recognized English language test (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) OR Signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school  OR a documented interview conducted in person or videoconferencing with your faculty sponsors 


The following timeline must be adhered for the application process:

  • 2-4 weeks to receive all approvals for the appointment
  • 10 business days for the Berkeley International Office to process the DS-2019 (preliminary visa document)
  • 2-5 days for the DS-2019 document to be shipped
  • 2 months to apply for a visa
The Berkeley International Office requires that the start date of the appointment be no earlier than two months from the date the DS-2019 is shipped. Accounting for university closure, holidays, or unexpected processing delays, the complete process can take up to approximately 3-4 months. Please plan accordingly and DO NOT make early arrangements for flights, housing, etc. until you have secured your visa!

Application Deadline 

Please refer to the table below for upcoming deadlines. 

ArrivalApplication Deadline
Spring 2019Oct 15, 2018
Summer 2019Feb 15, 2019
Fall 2019Jun 15, 2019