Call for Papers

Call for Papers

All graduate students and postdoctoral scholars attending the workshop are expected to present their research in areas of interest to iNOW 2018.  Specifically, of most interest are advances in nanoscale semiconductor processing and synthesis, the new physics behind controlling the optical and electrical properties of materials, cutting edge characterization techniques, new devices with novel functionalities, and novel applications.  For more information, please visit the list of iNOW 2018 technical topics

Submission deadlines have passed.  Students and postdoctoral scholars seeking late breaking results submission should email

Information on Poster Presentation


All posters must be presented by students or postdoctoral scholars.

  • A student who is currently enrolled in graduate degree program
  • A postdoctoral scholar who is three years or less from receiving a Ph.D. degree


The poster sessions will take place on Sunday, July 22 and Friday, July 27, following the technical sessions. 

Presenters have been notified of their presentation schedule.  If you have submitted a poster, but have not received notification, please contact


  • Each poster presenter will present a 3-minute summary talk before the viewing of the posters.  Slides may be used during the summary talk.  The 3-minute rule will be strictly enforced.
  • Format of posters is A0: 841 mm width x 1189 mm height.
  • Presenters will bring their printed posters to the conference.  The local organizers will be unable to help with poster printing.
  • Hardware for mounting will be provided by the local organizers.
  • Presenters are responsible for mounting their own poster for display before the poster sessions and disassembly at the close of the sessions.

Best Poster Award

Best posters will be selected among all presented posters.  All presented posters arising from accepted abstracts from both submission deadlines are eligible.  Abstracts submitted for iNOW Scholarship consideration do not have to resubmit.

Posters will be judged based on research quality and poster presentation.  An external panel will be invited to evaluate the posters.


  • First place: $500, certificate for the team

  • Second place: $300, certificate for the team

  • Third place: $200, certificate for the team

The awards will be presented at the award banquet on July 27, 2018.

Submission Process

A submitted abstract must be accepted by the Steering Committee for a poster to be included in one of the three poster sessions.  To be considered, each abstract must be no longer than two (2) pages in the format as illustrated by this TEMPLATE, which you can download for reference.  The presenter’s biography must be included in the submission.

To submit, please email the abstract in pdf format before the deadline.  Please include “iNOW 2018 - Call for Papers” in the subject line.  We will use the time as received to determine whether a submission meets the deadline requirements. Paper submission will not be accepted.

Abstract Review Process

The Steering Committee will use the 2-page submission as the sole basis for deciding whether a poster will be accepted for presentation. Thus, the abstract should clearly communicate: the work objective; the results and accomplishments and their significance; and the advancement over prior work in the field. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed for the reported results' significance and relevance to the scope of iNOW 2018. Abstracts that communicate clearly and concisely will maximize the chances of being accepted.