5th Academic Advisory Committee Meeting Held

May 26, 2017

The 5th Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) meeting of the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) was held on May 25. The meeting was held simultaneously in Shenzhen and Beijing, China and California, USA through remote conferencing.

The Co-Chairs of the AAC, Shankar Sastry, Dean of Engineering School at UC Berkeley, and Bin Yang, Vice President of Tsinghua University, and members of the AAC including Professors Feiyu Kang (TBSI Co-Director, THU), Constance Chang-Hasnain (TBSI Co-Director, UCB), Liwei Lin (TBSI Co-Associate Director, UCB), Max Shen (UCB), Jonh Ngai (UCB), Xiqin Wang (THU), Wenwu Zhu (THU), and Hui Ma(THU) were in attendance.

The scene of the AAC Meeting in Shenzhen, China

AAC members (from left to right), Hui Ma, Liwei Lin and Lin Zhang in discussion

The meeting was hosted by Professor Lin Zhang, TBSI Co-Associate Director. Professor Zhang called the meeting to order at 7am, Beijing time.

The AAC meeting began with the discussion of full-time faculty recruitment and promotion. Various AAC members introduced and reviewed candidates’ applications. The meeting was held in a lively atmosphere where participating AAC members from both Tsinghua University and UC Berkeley exchanged in-depth discussions on the recruitment process and candidates.

Since its establishment, TBSI has actively promoted the recruitment of high-caliber international talents, engaged in the employment of world-class academic talents across the globe, established full-time teaching and research track faculty team, and carried out transdisciplinary and transformative scientific research and teaching endeavors. Under the direction of the AAC, TBSI have vigorously promoted the global recruitment high-level academic talents to ensure that the faculty recruitment standards are in line with those of Tsinghua University and UC Berkeley.

It is expected that by 2020, the faculty of TBSI will grow up to 100 members, including 40 full-time teaching and research track faculty members and 30 part-time faculty from Tsinghua University and UC Berkeley, respectively. At present, TBSI has successfully recruited two leading academics, Professor Huiming Cheng and Professor Peter E. Lobie, both leaders in their respective fields. 

The outcome of the 5th AAC meeting will bring some of the best global academic talents to TBSI. Through the two previous rounds of full-time faculty recruitment, TBSI has accumulated experiences in candidate selection, approvals, and on-site interviews (including academic lectures, teaching trial, round-table meetings, board discussions, and student discussions). These processes have provided AAC with comprehensive insights to the candidates’ academic, teaching and communication abilities.

In the future, TBSI will continue to seek international talents and bring innovations for the Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Campus currently under construction.