TBSI signed MOU with UC Berkeley Extension

June 29, 2018

UC Berkeley Extension and TBSI is Seeking to Collaborate

On June 27th, the 100 plus year old UC Berkeley (UCB) Extension of the University of California (UC) in Berkeley, and Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) enabling the three parties, TBSI, UCB Extension and UC Berkeley, to jointly explore opportunities in the area of professional education.  This collaboration will serve to contribute to the development of the continuing and professional development market in China by establishing educational platforms that will address the continuing and vocational educational needs of Chinese high school students, undergraduates as well as working professionals.

About the MOU

Recognizing the increasing demand of education outside the formal school system, UCB Extension and TBSI will collaborate to provide services to those seeking education in forms such as customized micro-certificates, non-degree certificates, online and on-site hybrid education.

To build the collaboration, the two organizations will share and integrate education and teaching resources, including existing online curriculum resources of both parties.  Together, they will establish cutting-edge micro-certificate programs in areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, providing working professionals opportunities to enhance their skills.

Students who successfully complete jointly designed courses will receive corresponding certificates approved and issued by the two educational institutions.

At the June 27th signing ceremony in Shenzhen,  China, Eddie West, Director, International Program of UC Berkeley Extension, said: “UC Berkeley Extension greatly appreciates the unique education approach of TBSI, and looks forward to the collaboration.”  West pointed out that UCB Extension and TBSI will jointly launch a highly personalized and customized (High Touch) online learning program. Both parties will build on existing rich and high quality online education resources.  Utilizing TBSI's on-campus resources as well as its alumni and event resources, the collaboration will focus on expanding the depth and breadth of continuing education, enabling broader access to the more convenient and efficient online education for those who are interested in upgrading their professional skills.

About UC Berkeley Extension

Founded in the 1890s, UCB Extension is affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley for over 100 years.  It is committed to providing continuous, professional and lifelong learning opportunities. For international students, UCB Extension courses have served as short-term learning opportunities.

For students who are seeking to increase their learning time, UCB Extension offers a large number of online learning courses. The courses offered cover a variety of professional fields such as finance, business analysis, project management, clinical research methods and management, software development and programming. UCB Extension upholds high teaching standards. After completing some online courses, a student can obtain UC Berkeley-recognized online learning certificate.

In Summary:

UC-Berkeley Extension and TBSI will use existing high-quality online learning resources and college resources to jointly develop China's continuing education market by providing independent access to high-quality and efficient education.