Science through Story Workshop

On July 26 and July 30, 2018, TBSI held a 2-session workshop where Sara ElShafie, a Doctoral Candidate in Integrative Biology, taught TBSI scholars and URISE participants how to communicate science effectively through storytelling principles. By the end of the workshop, participants would be equipped with the necessary tools to tell a compelling science story to any audience, regardless of whether they possess a science background.

Often times, students conduct groundbreaking research at TBSI; though to an outsider without the same rigorous academic training TBSI scholars attain, looking at a research poster may not deliver very much knowledge. Research can be hard to interpret to someone without very much science education. The research’s significance to daily life may not be immediately obvious.

Fortunately, ElShafie and her collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios’ artists culminated in an informative info session for TBSI scholars and URISE participants. Now they are better trained to deliver quality research results that the public can evaluate in terms of how it affects them personally on a daily basis.

Upon listening to ElShafie’s presentation, students had the opportunity to do exercises and review the presentation. Through collaborating with each other, the students built their knowledge of storytelling in science.