TBSI Lunch Seminar (April 2017)

Lunch Seminar Series
April 28, 2017
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Sutardja Dai Hall 242

Visualization of the reversible intermediate zone associated with cold cataract formation in young intact mouse lens


Cataract is being considered today as the most important cause of blindness worldwide. On general grounds, cataract is any opacification of the lens, which interferes with visual function producing increased light scattering. Lens protein aggregation and/or phase separation of the lens cytoplasm into protein-rich and protein-poor liquid phases have been considered as possible sources of cataract formation. This work established the cold cataract, a reversible cataract model depending on temperature, in young intact mouse lens and studies the structure, distribution, and nature of scattering elements associated with cold cataract formation in situ using Optical Coherence Tomography and confocal microscopy.

Speaker: Dr. Xi Liu

School of Optometry, UC Berkeley

Xi Liu is a postdoctoral scholar in TBSI. She is supervised by Professor Xiaohua Gong (TBSI Lab 3D). She obtained her M.D. in Ophthalmology from Fudan University with a focus on genetic related clinical ophthalmic diseases. Her research at TBSI is centered around lens and retina development.