URISE at Berkeley

What is the application deadline?

Applications are due: March 31st, 11:59 P.M. PST.  Applications are accepted until March 31, 2019. It is to your advantage to submit your application early to ensure all requirements arrive in time.

Where do I send my transcripts and resume?

By mail:

ATTN: URISE at Berkeley Program

2150 Shattuck Ave. 10th Floor

Berkeley, CA 94704-1620

By email: tbsi@berkeley.edu.

How long before the deadline should things be mailed?

All application materials must be RECEIVED by February 14, 2019. Mail delivery typically will take 5-6 days to reach our office from across the country, but it can be longer.  Please mail your materials far enough in advance to ensure that they are received on-time. 

How long does URISE at Berkeley run?

URISE at Berkeley is a nine-week program. In 2019 it will run from June 8th – August 10th. Students are expected to participate for the entire duration of the program.

I am planning to graduate in Spring 2019; can I apply to URISE at Berkeley program?

No. All students must be planning to return to a college or university as an undergraduate in the fall after participating in URISE at Berkeley program.

Is this program available for graduate students?

No.  URISE at Berkeley is only available for undergraduate students. 

How long do I have to accept an offer?

Once you are notified of admission into URISE at Berkeley, you have one week to accept.

Can I take classes while participating in URISE at Berkeley?

No. URISE at Berkeley interns cannot take classes while participating in the program because it will negatively affect their research. Interns are expected to spend the majority of their time (40 hours/week) in the labs as well as completing their summer internship deliverables.