URISE at Berkeley

If accepted into URISE at Berkeley, does that guarantee admission as a graduate student?

No. All URISE at Berkeley interns have an opportunity to interact with a number of UC Berkeley faculty members, administrators, and students. However, acceptance as a summer intern does NOT guarantee admissions into any graduate schools in UC Berkeley.

How are research projects chosen?

Projects are chosen for the students based on the interests they list on their applications. We try to match the student’s interests to a project that a mentor has for the summer. These projects change yearly and are dependent upon the mentors' needs. If chosen to be a part of a project, the mentee and mentor will work out between them what the project will entail.

Can I send in an unofficial transcript?

Yes, unofficial transcripts will be accepted. If admitted, you will be expected to provide an official copy of your transcripts.

How are research mentors chosen?

Students are matched to a research mentor who does research in the area of the student’s interest. On your application, identify the faculty members whose research interest you. If admitted into the program, the admissions committee does its best to place interns in one of their top choice, or in the closest area of research.

Who reads the essays?

Faculty members, graduate students, and post-docs (all members of the science and engineering community) will be reviewing your essays. The people reviewing your essay may or may not have a degree in your field so it’s good to write for a broader audience. Also, it’s good to remember that the people reading your application all have a technical background and it is very important to go into detail about your technical interests. The essays should be written to give the reviewers a greater understanding of your academic, personal, and professional qualifications to participate in TBSI...

Is it possible for me to live at home while I do research?

If accepted, you will be required to live in the dorms on campus that are provided by the program.

Can I bring a car?

No. The interns will be staying on campus. Parking is limited on campus and there is no campus overnight parking.

What if my final exams conflict with the program dates?

Students are required to participate for the entire duration of the program. If your final exams conflict with the program start date, you should arrange to take your exams earlier.

When are the applications reviewed?

Complete applications will be reviewed as they are turned in. The earlier an application is submitted, the earlier it will be reviewed. There are a very high number of applications received in the last days before the deadline, therefore it is to the advantage of the student to turn in their application well in advance to ensure all materials are received on time.

How will I know when my application is complete?

We are unable to let you know when your application is complete before the deadline, and it is therefore your responsibility to ensure all documents will reach our office on time. If you email in your documents, you will receive an email notification that it has been received. If your documents are faxed or mailed, we will be unable to let you know that we’ve received them until after the application deadline. All students will be emailed after the deadline to let them know if their application is complete or not.