URISE at Berkeley

What majors will be considered?

Physical science and engineering majors, including but not limited to: biology, bioengineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, , civil engineering, materials science, and physics.

I have more than one area of interest, should I include them all?

Yes. Provide as much information as you can. It is also best to be as specific as possible in order to appropriately match you with a faculty mentor.

Do I need research experience to apply?

No! We strongly encourage you to apply regardless of past research experience, especially if you are an underrepresented student in science and engineering. One of the goals of this program is to give research experience to students who would not otherwise be able to at their university.

Who should I ask for my letters of recommendation?

Recommendations should be from faculty members and mentors. It’s important for you to know what a weak letter of recommendation is: a weak letter is one that says you are a good student and nothing else. A strong letter of recommendation will be: this student is great, and then it should go into detail about why the recommender believes that you are so good based off of your previous interactions. Be sure to let your recommenders know that faculty and graduate students review the applications, so that they can gear their letter towards that audience.